Mission & Scope

FINAL_NGPJV.jpgThe Mission of the Northern Great Plains Joint Venture is to seek out new opportunities and foster new partnerships while strengthening existing alliances for the protection, enhancement and restoration of prairie, riverine and forest ecosystems important to priority birds of the NGPJV.  Conservation actions of the NGPJV will place an emphasis on sustaining and enhancing populations of migratory bird and resident birds consistent with current and future formal bird conservation objectives expressed in regional, national and international plans under the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.

The Goal of the NGPJV is to maintain and increase populations of high priority wetland, grassland, forest, riverine and riparian bird species in the Northern Great Plains Joint Venture region.

The NGPJV was established in 2004 to catalyze bird habitat conservation through the collaborative power of diverse public-private partnerships.

The NGPJV operates across all or parts of 4 states and encompasses a diverse landscape including some of the most intact mixed prairie landscapes in the United States.   Important habitats in the NGPJV include sagebrush-steppe, cottonwood riparian forests, wetlands, badlands, ash/elm/chokecherry woodlands, Ponderosa pine woodlands and savannahs.

 The NGPJV provides continentally and regionally significant habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, waterbirds, and prairie landbirds such as Northern Pintail, Greater Sage-Grouse, Lark Bunting, Wilson’s Phalarope, American Avocet, Long-billed Curlew, Willow Flycatcher, and Sprague's Pipit. Securing and enhancing habitats for these and other bird species is dependent on many partners, working together through an array of Federal, State and Private conservation programs, projects and land management activities.   

One of the key roles of the NGPJV is to lead and assist our partners in assessing and analyzing National, International and Regional Bird Conservation Initiatives in order to develop scientifically based bird habitat conservation objectives and priorities for the NGPJV and State and local landscapes. Our work is guided by our management board-approved 2006 Implementation Plan and the many Federal, State and private land management and species conservation Plans of our partners. The NGPJV Management Board welcomes the participation, support and advice of any and all persons and organizations interested in working together to conserve bird habitat in the Northern Great Plains region.