The Northern Great Plains Joint Venture (NGPJV) is a regionally based coalition of public and private natural resource conservation organizations that has been formally recognized as a migratory bird Joint Venture by the Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  The NGPJV seeks to deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation through a biologically driven, landscape-oriented partnership.  NGPJV meetings and operations provide a regional forum and networking platform for conservation partner organizations who have agreed to work cooperatively and collectively in the conservation of North American bird populations under the North American Bird Conservation Initiative. 

 The primary purposes of the NGPJV are to:

  • Stimulate, facilitate and coordinate migratory bird conservation partnerships in the NGPJV region (Bird Conservation Region 17{BCR17});
  • Link the NGPJV partnership with other Joint Ventures and BCR alliances, and to national, continental and hemispheric plans and efforts to conserve North American migratory birds;
  • Develop scientifically sound habitat conservation objectives for the NGPJV region/BCR 17 for priority bird species dependant on habitats in the NGPJV;
  • Collectively and cooperatively develop, implement and assist with programs and projects that contribute to achievement of the NGPJV habitat conservation objectives;
  • Monitor and evaluate the effects of habitat conservation projects and other landscape changes on priority bird populations; and conduct research and directed studies to better understand key biological uncertainties and to improve conservation program design and targeting; and
  • Inform Board organizations and other relevant entities regarding the effects of existing, proposed and possible legislation and resource management policies relative to the achievement of the NGPJV habitat conservation objectives. 

The Northern Great Plains Joint Venture is guided by a Management Board (hereinafter the Board) comprised of organizations that have chosen to join this regional bird habitat conservation partnership.  The priority activity of the Board is to implement projects and programs that conserve priority bird habitats in the Joint Venture region.  The Board as an entity does not directly engage in developing legislation and policies or in lobbying.  

By joining the NGPJV Management Board, organizations agree to actively participate in and support the NGPJV partnership, and to cooperate in the science based development and implementation of programs and projects to conserve bird habitats in the NGPJV region.