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As NGPJV Coordinator, Dan Casey's key role is to expand and empower partnerships for science-based, landscape-scale, habitat conservation. Dan brings a wealth of experience, across the full spectrum of the bird conservation enterprise, from research and monitoring, conservation design, and habitat conservation action (enhancement, protection, restoration).  During his time with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Dan headed projects on Canada Geese, elk and nongame birds, and was teh primary author of the Montana Bird Conservation Plan in 2000.  He served as the Chairman of both the Montana and Western Working Groups of Parnters In Flight.  More recently, he was the Northern Rockies Conservation Officer of American Bird Conservancy, where he served on the Technical Committees of the Prairie Potholes, Northern Great Plains, and Intermountain West Joint Ventures. He has decades of experience working with diverse parnterships to deliver wetland, grassland, shrubland and forest conservation on private and public lands.  Dan holds both a B.S. and an M.S. in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University. He and his wife Susannah have lived in Montana for 31 years. 

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Daniel Casey, Coordinator
Northern Great Plains Joint Venture
3302 4th Ave. N.
Suite 120
Billings, MT 59101