Did you know?

Nearly 3 billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970. Roughly 25% of those were grassland birds.

State Conservation Partnerships

The Northern Great Plains Venture’s State Conservation Partnerships, or State Action Groups, serve as important hubs for partnership-building and conservation delivery. Action Groups facilitate habitat conservation planning, professional networking, partnership building, and the collaborative development of projects and programs to achieve priority state, regional, and continental bird objectives. The NGPJV provides technical and financial assistance to State Action Groups, which are the "project champions" - these are the people who work with landowners on a daily basis to identify habitat conservation needs and opportunities, and the projects needed to address them. 

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Meet the Leaders of our State Action Groups  


Allison Begley
Avian Conservation Biologist
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks


Kevin Kading
Private Lands Section Leader
North Dakota Game and Fish


Tim Olson
Senior Private Lands Biologist
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks

WYOMING (Co-Chairs)

Ian Tator
Statewide Terrestrial Habitat Manager
Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Brian Jensen
State Biologist