Did you know?

Nearly 3 billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970. Roughly 25% of those were grassland birds.

Technical Committee

The NGPJV Technical Committee serves as an advisory group to the NGPJV Management Board as well as our partners and their science staffs. The committee’s major purposes are:

  • To assist in developing strategies that improve the biological foundation of NGPJV bird conservation planning efforts.
  • To identify technical issues limiting efficient & effective bird conservation.
  • To respond to any technical questions posed by the Management Board.
  • To assist the coordinator in annual reporting to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • To develop bird species population and habitat conservation objectives and priorities.
  • To identify and prioritize research, monitoring, and other information needs of the NGPJV and recommend appropriate ways to address them.

The Technical Committee is comprised of habitat management-oriented scientists and biologists with expertise in migratory bird science and conservation. The Committee includes individuals from universities, federal agencies, state fish and wildlife agencies, and non-governmental organizations. 

Meet the Members of our Technical Committee

Kevin Ellison - (Chair)

Grassland Ecologist
American Bird Conservancy
Bozeman, MT

Curtis W. Bradbury

State Biologist
USDA-NRCS North Dakota 
Bismarck, ND

Todd Caltrider

Terrestrial Habitat Biologist
Wyoming Game and Fish Department
Gillette, WY

Rebecca Newton

Wildlife Biologist
Bureau of Land Management
Billings, MT

Steve Fairbairn

Assistant Coordinator
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
Bismarck, ND

Jim Hansen

Central Flyway Migratory Bird Coordinator
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Billings, MT

Lawrence D. Igl, PhD

Research Ecologist
USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Jamestown, ND

 Kaylan Kemink

Manager - Conservation Planning
Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Bismarck, ND

Silka Kempema

Nongame Biologist
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks
Pierre, SD

Jesse Kolar

Upland Game Management Supervisor
North Dakota Game and Fish
Dickinson, ND

Neal Niemuth

Integrated Conservation Scientist
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
Bismarck, ND

Adam Ryba

Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Habitat and Population Evaluation Team
Bismarck, ND

Scott Somershoe

Landbird Coordinator
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Legacy Region 6
Lakewood, CO

Jennifer Timmer

Research Scientist
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
Fort Collins, CO

Chris White

Director of Science Operations
Bird Conservancy of the Rockies
Fort Collins, CO

Sarah Olimb

Senior GIS Specialist,
Northern Great Plains Program
World Wildlife Fund
Sioux Falls, SD