The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership is a coalition of representatives from state, federal, and tribal agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector dedicated to conserving bird populations and habitats in Montana. Our mission is to “keep common birds common” while also conserving sensitive or rare species. We use science to direct habitat conservation priorities, and work with landowners and managers to recommend conservation actions that are practical and sustainable for land stewards. We support a partnership-based approach to state and regional implementation of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) and the four National Bird Conservation Initiatives:

  • Partners in Flight North American Landbird Conservation Plan
  • U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan
  • Waterbird Conservation for the Americas
  • North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Guiding Principles:

  • Provide information to collaborating partners for consideration in land management decisions.
  • Keep common birds and their habitats common so that they do not become endangered, threatened, or rare.
  • Conserve, protect, and restore endangered, threatened, and rare bird species and their habitats so their populations are again secure.
  • Recognize the social and economic value of birds to the people of Montana.
  • Identify opportunities to conserve birds and their habitats within Montana using the best available science.

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