Did you know?

Nearly 3 billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970. Roughly 25% of those were grassland birds.

Our Approach to Science

Joint Ventures have collectively embraced all-bird conservation and have been tasked with improving the science that drives regional species and habitat conservation actions. The NGPJV intends to address this challenge through the use of integrated biological planning, conservation design, and delivery as well as monitoring and research.

Our plan is to link species-specific population objectives to explicit habitat targets for priority bird species in the Joint Venture. In other words, we aim to set a defensible target population size for priority bird species, and then determine how much habitat in the NGPJV is needed to meet that population biological needs in the NGPJV.

Our intention—which is now being realized—is to produce science-based products and guidelines that will result in an increasingly clear focus for strategic, on-the-ground habitat conservation in the Northern Great Plains.

To accomplish this, the NGPJV is working to develop our science capacity through our Partners, Our Technical Committee, The US Fish and Wildlife Service’ Habitat and Population Evaluation Team and the Plains and Prairie Pothole Landscape Conservation Initiative, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs)