Did you know?

Nearly 3 billion birds have been lost in North America since 1970. Roughly 25% of those were grassland birds.

Community-Led Partnerships

There are several progressive, community-based partnerships that champion local sustainability and vibrant communities within the Northern Great Plains. At the NGPJV, we work with these dynamic groups on conservation opportunities and barriers that inform local decision-making. Our local partners are critical members of our partnership, providing guidance on place-based conservation tools and outcomes. Below, we list some of the active partnerships within the NGP. 

Winnett ACES (Agricultural Community Enhancement and Sustainability)
Winnett ACES provides opportunities for local residents that benefit agriculture, conservation, and the community, while educating the larger public and helping future generations succeed in agriculture. They work throughout Petroleum County, Montana.
South Dakota Grasslands Coalition
The South Dakota Grasslands Coalition seeks to promote ranching practices that are sustainable and increase profitability, enhance water quality and reduce runoff into stream and lakes, increase the abundance of wildlife, and preserve small towns and the ranching economy.
North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition
The North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition has been promoting the health and regeneration of North Dakota's grasslands since 1996. Their goals are to provide local leadership, guidance, and technical assistance to grassland managers so they are better prepared to make const-effective and environmentally sound decisions.
Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association
The Thunder Basin Grasslands Prairie Ecosystem Association's mission is to develop a responsible, common sense, science-based approach to landscape management within the five northeast Wyoming counties.