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Sustaining Bird Habitats & Rural Communities



Partnerships are at the heart of the NGPJV. We are a voluntary group of private landowners, industry, federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, tribes, academia, and others working together to build and sustain healthy lands for the birds, wildlife, and people who depend on the Northern Great Plains. Our partnerships ground us in local communities and conservation decisions, connect us to cutting-edge science products and tools, and keep us informed of state and national policies. Our partners actively guide and inform our work.

We support community-based partnerships that champion local sustainability and vibrant communities in the Northern Great Plains. Our local partners provide guidance on place-based conservation tools, challenges, and outcomes. Some of the active partnerships within the NGP include:

Our state-led partnerships and action groups are important hubs for sharing information and collaborating on science and communications. The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership, North Dakota Action Group, and Wyoming State Conservation Partnership are active in the region.

The NGPJV also collaborates across the U.S. and multiple sovereign Indigenous Nations to raise awareness, inform policy, and focus resources on those areas most important for grasslands and grassland bird conservation. We are engaged with international efforts through the JV8 Central Grasslands Conservation Initiative, the Central Grasslands Roadmap, the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, and other collaboratives.