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Conservation Delivery Network

Conservation Delivery Network

Mesic Restoration
Beth Beckers

The NGPJV collaborates closely with our partners to accomplish shared conservation objectives. Our various plans and decision support tools inform where to work to achieve the greatest conservation benefits with available resources. We develop strategies to work with our on-the-ground partners in a mutually beneficial manner that allows us to make conservation gains together.

On-the-ground conservation practitioners provide producers with technical guidance on conservation actions that may be taken to achieve desired outcomes; they offer ideas for financial support as well. Numerous conservation programs are available through various partners, and practitioners can help producers navigate the myriad of options to find programs that meet individual needs. 

We convene our Conservation Delivery Network of practitioners to innovate and discuss opportunities to catalyze effective, supported conservation across the Northern Great Plains. We meet periodically to discuss programs, best practices, shared funding opportunities, strategies for targeting conservation, and various other matters related to putting conservation on the ground.