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Dakotas-Tagged Curlews Are Spending Winter in Texas and Beyond

Long-billed Curlew at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. credit Clint Wirick USFW Public Domain

Clint Wirick

This spring, American Bird Conservancy, North Dakota Game and Fish Department (NDGF), and Intermountain Bird Observatory partnered to equip nine Long-billed Curlews with satellite and cellular tracking devices in the Dakotas. Curlews have lost much of their historical range; identifying key habitat features will help land managers to make decisions that stabilize and improve the … Read more

Grant Used to Increase Grassland in South Dakota

Northern Great Plains Landscape

Joe Nichols

Pheasants Forever has completed on-the-ground activities within Phases I & II of the grant ‘Using Decision-Support Tools to Deliver Grassland Bird Conservation.’ This grant was developed by the USFWS Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET) as a way to deliver a multitude of grazing systems. Partners collaborating on this grant include the U.S. Fish and … Read more

Satellite-tracking of Long-Billed Curlews to Identify Migrations and Habitat Use in North Dakota

Long-billed Curlew with tracking device

Sandra Johnson

Long-billed Curlews are an iconic grassland bird of the Northern Great Plains. Historically, curlews occurred across the NGPJV region of North Dakota but now their range is mostly restricted to Golden Valley, Billings, Slope and Bowman counties. Curlews continue to be found throughout other parts of the Northern Great Plains. Identifying key features the species … Read more

Low-tech Mesic Restoration

Low tech mesic restoration collage

“Watch out for snakes.” This was the greeting we received as we pulled our convoy into a distant stretch of prairie under a sunny sky in eastern Wyoming. We were in a place where the skies and grasslands were vast, with a herd of cattle contentedly grazing on the low hillsides.   The fact that we … Read more

In Cahoots for Conservation

Grassland landscape photo at sunrise

Joshua Hobbs

Since Pheasants Forever’s inception 40 years ago, they have built unbreakable bonds with conservation and agricultural minded communities. In my opinion, none are as unique as the partnerships formed with local, rancher-led groups like Winnett ACES based in Petroleum County, Montana. Winnett ACES is a grassroots non-profit organization that is dedicated to conservation and agricultural … Read more

N-GRIP – A Conservation Bridge

Ekalaka Buttes

Dan Casey

The Northern Grasslands Restoration Incentives Program (N-GRIP) provides conservation options where others may not work or exist. “That’s the foundation of the program”, said Steve Riley, NGPJV Assistant Coordinator. “We wanted to build a program that can fill in the gaps for other programs and that virtually any conservation practitioner can put to use.” As … Read more