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Sustaining Bird Habitats & Rural Communities

Virtually Invisible: How a North Dakota Rancher is Using New Technology to Manage Healthy Prairie

Stewart Lake Refuge, credit Dane Buysse (Regional Biologist)

Southwestern North Dakota is a region unknown to many. Ask a passerby what the landscape looks like and you will get a variety of answers. Some of the responses may include dry, flat, grassy, badlands, open, rolling hills, or ‘I have no idea’. A hidden gem in this unknown area is the Stewart Lake National … Read more

Reconnecting America’s Grasslands

Catherine Wightman

On a cool, rainy day in August, roughly 300 people from across the continent converged in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the ancestral homelands of the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Crow, and Shoshone people, to attend the 6th Biennial America’s Grassland Conference. Hosted by the National Wildlife Federation and the University of Wyoming, the conference emphasized connecting both people and … Read more

WWF Ranch Systems and Viability Planning Network (RSVP) Summary

Brenda Brady and Laura Nowlin, ranchers near Winnett, MT, and RSVP participants.

RSVP Overview and Enrollment: World Wildlife Fund’s Ranch Systems and Viability Planning Network (RSVP) takes a community-based approach to preserving the open space, ecological integrity, and community livelihoods of the Northern Great Plains (NGP) ecosystem. By centering the goals of individual ranchers and local communities which own and manage over 70% of the NGP, WWF … Read more